Scope: Southern California
Region: South
Description: The Big E chapter is comprised mainly of people living in southern California but there are several from northern California and one from Canada. Our Northern members try to attend the WMHA rally in Indio every year in January and we meet and caravan into the fairgrounds so we can park together.  The chapter was originally sponsored by Executive (Big E) Motorhome Inc., and when they quit sponsoring in 1980 we kept the logo to mean everybody welcome. We are 25 motorhomes strong and go out each month on a Monday and return on a Thursday. Our rallies are usually within 150 mile radius of Pasadena, California, with an occasional trip planned at a greater distance. We have been to Gold Beach, Oregon, and are planning a return trip to Tombstone, Arizona, in May 2010. At the rallies there are many things to do. Besides having the best food there are golfers, horseshoe players, card players, crafts offered, and the wagonmaster tries to find something of interest in the area that we can investigate in our cars. Some people do not bring cars and we share rides so that everyone can join in. Collectively our members have approximately one thousand years of camping experience and when someone is having a problem with his motorhome there is usually someone there that knows what is wrong and what it takes to fix it. Sometimes fixing it on the spot! If you live in our range and would enjoy being in a group of fun-loving campers please join us for a rally, or two, and check us out!
Phone: 626-912-1839




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