Western Area Rally Themes

YEAR THEME Decorations by:
1995 California Country Apollo Amigos
1996 Water Fantasy Apollo Amigos
1997 FMCA @ Pomona.  No Western Area Rally
1998 Go For The Gold Apollo Amigos
1999 Tropical Adventures Apollo Amigos
2000 Y2K Apollo Amigos
2001 Mardi Gras…California Style Apollo Amigos
2002 Days of  Wine & Roses Apollo Amigos
2003 Salute The Troops Apollo Amigos
2004 Fiesta de Amigos Apollo Amigos
2005 Fabulous 50’s Apollo Amigos
2006 Putting On The Glitz…California Style Apollo Amigos
2007 Get Your Kicks on Route 66 Apollo Amigos
2008 Tropical Fantasy Apollo Amigos
2009 Ancient Wonders of Egypt Apollo Amigos
2010 Glorious Days of the Silver Screen Apollo Amigos
2011 Return to the Old West CCFMCA
2012 Western Pirate Adventure CCFMCA
2013 Under The Big Top CCFMCA
2014 Dog Patch USA CCFMCA
2015 Out Of This World CCFMCA
2016 Call Of The Wild CCFMCA
2017 Beach Party CCFMCA

Prior to 1995 we don’t know if there was a theme for the annual Western Regional Rally, the 1995 theme was California Country:



Notes from Jan Watson:

I have attached some of the earlier rallies that Amigos did that I don’t have a CD for.  First ever Amigos decorations was the California Country in 95.  The scene changed every day and the cow and the bull wound up in the same pen, he-ing & she-ing and so did Ma & Pa.  1996 was the Water Fantasy, created by Mac Price.  The pond held 2000 gallons of water coming from a stream painted on the backdrop.  A mama bear and her cubs were feeding on salmon coming out of the stream and a family was camped nearby.  Don’t think all of that is visible in the photo.

I can’t find any pictures of Tropical Adventures (1999) but it was a lot of very real looking palm trees, big tropical birds and a Hawaiian theme.  The other one I can’t find any pictures for is 2001, which was “Mardi Gras, CA Style”.  I know I have pictures, just not sure what box they are in and don’t know if either of us will live long enough for me to find them.

The Days of Wine & Roses [2002] was very pretty and we made  flowers out of coffee filters that we painted with water colors.  Center stage you can see a huge wine bottle pouring into a LARGE glass and it ran continuously and the entertainers joked about it making them want to pee.  The bottle and glass is still sitting on the back porch of the old house.

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