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Jan Indio Romer FMCA Rally Final

The Dolphins Chapter joins Western Area


The Dolphins, a National RV interest chapter has elected to move to Western Area affiliation. “A proposal … was presented to move our FMCA Chapter from International (INTO) to Western. After a lively discussion the club voted to accept the proposal as our membership feels a closer affiliation with the Western Area.”


And Dave Barr the President of The Dolphins chapter reports:  “I received a call today (11/3/15) from The President of FMCA Western Area to welcome the Dolphin Club into the FMCA Western Area. He is looking forward to meeting all of our Dolphin Club Members at upcoming rally’s. Our next Western Area rally will be at Indio, California.”

Here’s their latest newsletter: Dolphin-Splash-Newsletter-2015-11

Golden Spike Newsletters

The Golden Spike Chapter interest is railroads, and our venues are riding them. We normally cover the western states when we venture out for our rallies. Our members consist of Santa Fe families, others that worked for the railroad, and those who like model railroading. Most of our members just like to ride railroads and learn the history of them. If you are interested in joining us in the future, please contact our president listed below.   Contact: Daniel St. John F421001 Phone: 530-820-1100, 530-277-0686

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